Review: Hikvision DS

Review: Hikvision DS

Can Progressive’s Snapshot device damage a vehicle? I have 3 sensors going out that are causing my car to accelerate to rapid speeds where I can’t control it. It only does it randomly. Not any specific time like when I first start it or after driving for a while. It’s just whenever it wants to. I almost rear ended a semi then another car because of this. This product is going to cause injury or even death if they do not take it off the market. I only had it plugged into my car for a week. I’ve had the device in for a week and so far I’ve experienced no problems.


And it quite literally changed my life. The guitarist — one of the most significant in British rock history — had ceased to be a contributing force and was in fact draining Purple of its collective spirit when his ship finally set sail for good, a bit over a decade back. Hardly scraping the dregs from the bottom of the barrel with that choice, boys. As such, it laid the template for a new Purple. The whole transcends the sum of its parts, which is fitting for a record that seems to be, in a very real sense, about transcendence.

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It offers a driving app and a pay-per-mile insurance product using a device that connects to the OBD-II port of all automobiles built after Metromile does not use behavioral statistics like type of driving or time of day to price their insurance. They offer consumers a fixed base rate per month plus a per-mile-rate ranging from 2 to 11 cents per mile, taking into account all traditional insurance risk factors. Drivers who drive less than the average 10, miles a year will tend to save.

Metromile allows users to opt out of GPS tracking, never sells consumer data to 3rd parties, and does not penalize consumers for behavioral driving habits. Progressive[ edit ] Snapshot is a car insurance program developed by Progressive Insurance in the United States. Snapshot is currently available in 46 states plus the District of Columbia. Because insurance is regulated at the state level, Snapshot is currently not available in Alaska, California, Hawaii, and North Carolina.

Cars that are driven less often, in less risky ways and at less risky times of day can receive large discounts. Progressive has received patents on its methods and systems of implementing usage-based insurance and has licensed these methods and systems to other companies.

Progressive Insurance Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

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Progressive has been one of the more vocal proponents of the idea with its Snapshot tracker that plugs into your car, but others — like Allstate and State Farm — are also trying to get customers to let themselves be tracked for more personalized rates. They are also measuring things like how hard you press on the brakes. Repeated hard-braking is apparently an indicator of risky behavior, while the lack of this sort of reactionary braking demonstrates that the driver is following at safe speeds and distances, and paying attention to the road.

Part of the reason for the reluctance is that, for all the possible savings, being tracked could also result in higher insurance costs for drivers whose behavior indicates a higher risk. We already have every advertiser and every data broker that sells to advertisers following our virtual footsteps online. Your bank and credit card companies know where and when you shop, and sometimes what you buy.

To some Americans, just getting on the road and driving is an escape from all that if they can avoid electronic tollbooths, red light cameras, and license-plate scanners. Another insurer or driver could also try to subpoena that information in a legal matter.

Progressive Snapshot Review & Complaints

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The Dahua 4 Megapixel IPC-HDWEMP-AS is a turret style surveillance camera (sometimes labelled as “eyeball”) featuring 1/3” progressive scan CMOS and comes in mm, mm or 6mm lens is one my favorite Dahua cameras, great picture quality, mic built-in and a sturdy metallic build. The weatherproof housing makes this camera a good solution for outdoor installations.

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How auto insurer Progressive collected 10 billion miles of driving data from its customers

From a press release issued by Indian Motorcycle: The Indian Motorcycle Demo Tour, sponsored by Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, will travel to key events and dealerships around the country to provide riders the opportunity to test ride Indian motorcycles. The demo tour visits nearly every Indian Motorcycle dealership in the calendar year, along with 18 of the major motorcycle rallies in the U. Demo rides are free of charge and riders can ride as many models as many times as desired.

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Blue The courts have said that is not a quota system.

Hard Braking Most Likely Predictor of Future Crashes: Progressive

But State Farm jumped in the game soon after with its own plans that watchdog your mileage and motoring habits. The first is through a device called In-Drive that, like Snapshot, plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic OBDII port most car models from on have them near the steering wheel. In addition to mileage, In-Drive tracks when you drive, how fast you accelerate and turn and how hard you brake.

The second is for customers whose cars come equipped with telematics-based subscription services such as OnStar and SYNC. State Farm receives odometer readings from those services every 30 days after you enroll and, after six months, adjusts your premium to reflect the mileage.

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This entry was posted on January 9th, by Ajay Arora Proper actuator installation is key for best performance. If your linear actuator has been installed correctly, it’ll perform better over time and live through its complete life cycle. Use our tips as a checklist before you turn on your project. The risks of improper actuator installation mean two things. First, your actuator may not perform the way you want it to. It may not have enough room, it could bind, or it could stop working altogether.

Second, improper installation could mean your actuator lasts for much less of its expected life than you thought. Centered Load Never install your load away from the center of gravity. If you’re mounting your actuator device on an angle, make sure the load gets pushed so that an equal amount of pressure is placed on both sides. Over time, an uneven load can wear away on one side and significantly reduce the lifespan of your actuator in the form of binding.

Side loading puts too much stress on the actuator and will cause binding over time.

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Snapshot These discounts are fairly new to the industry and Progressive, and they have proven to be effective. If you encounter your first accident, Progressive will not penalize you by raising your rates.

Does it work on Windows 8 or 8. I sent you both but the one you have in past maybe better. It won’t work currently for 8. I am not sure yet if it just User Account Control. There is higher privileges than Administrator. You cannot change that option once it burnt to CD unless you burn another CD with new option. A later version is able to change on the fly anytime, the option of Standard, MBR or new automatic restoration for the restore CD from the Windows version which means only one restore CD needs to be made.

You may have that better version. The restore CD works out where Drive Snap is kept on your backup drives and so knows what options are set for it, even if you move it from it’s original position. If for example you had 5 system images, you set the system image you wanted to auto restore with Drive Snap in Windows and the CD restore knows. You can change which system image you want to restore on the fly. You could be wondering why set any recovery MBR option at all, why not create a recovery CD with a menu to let user decide.

It wouldn’t be fully automatic.

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Guardzilla is a simplified all-in-one security camera system that detects motion, snaps photos of intruders, and emits a high-pitched alarm, all configurable through an Android or iOS app.

I think it depends on what you plan to do with it. I, like most here, started with the MEC. It is true, as Calkid says, that a MEC is easy to adjust. However, in my experience, that’s what has to be done way too often for me. I never, ever, got through reloading a flat of shells on any of the three or four 12ga MECs I have owned without having to stop and adjust something. They always needed some tweaking, some change, some something. I went to the Dillon.

Fastest, short learning curve, makes great shells, and, did I mention fast? I’ve had three Dillons, had two at the time I purchased my Spolar one set up for 12, the other for I loved them, but as much as I load I almost always load a flat or two at one sitting, sometimes more , my old elbow got so sore I had to stop.

I sold them and purchased a Spolar. No adjusting, just place the hull in, add the wad and up and down the foot pedal. Almost as fast as the Dillon, and no pain. I bought a gently used Dillon as a “back-up” a year or so after purchasing the Spolar, but it sat unused in my garage so I sold it a few months ago.

Snapshot from Progressive: A Dangerous Scam

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