I Got The Hook Up! lyrics

I Got The Hook Up! lyrics

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Lyrics to i do not hook up. Answers

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I Got The Hook-Up Photos. View All Photos (6) Movie Info. Recording star and rapper Master P is the executive producer, screenwriter, and co-star (with A.J. Johnson of The Players Club) of this 17%(12).

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Katy Perry

Artistic licence surely permits the invention of your own slang, and if you’re Madonna no one’s going to ask you “What exactly does ‘pick up my stroll’ mean? And what are trying to say when they chant “don’t be a pri Don’t be a prick? Don’t be a Primula cheese spread?

The rest of the cast is made up of `big-booty’ type actresses who are sexy but no more than that and are just like you’d see on Jerry Springer – really lazy stuff guys. Overall if you want a lazy, clichéd film that is full or stereotypes, swearing and cheap jokes but lacking a single laugh then this is the film for you.

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Original lyrics of Roar song by Katy Perry. Explore 18 meanings and explanations or write yours. Find more of Katy Perry lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Comment and share your favourite lyrics.

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I Got the Hook Up : Master P

Rappers want to act and be part of an entire entertainment package. This is true for Master P. He took a leading role in the movie I Got the Hookup. The movie is a comedy that follows the main characters in their life of crime.

Master P is casting for the sequel of the film I Got the Hook Up. He’s is giving an opportunity for unknown talent to star in the film. TMZ reports that P will reprise his role in the movie.

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Times are good or bad happy or sad lyrics. Taylor Swift

Two con artists plan to become rich by selling “hot” cell phones, but their scheme backfires when the phones’ signals get crossed and their angry customers come looking for the two men. After Black convinces a lost delivery man that he’s the intended recipient of a truckload of cell phones, Black and Blue’s dreams of becoming rich take off as they begin selling the “hot” phones. As Black and Blue try to avoid T-Lay and his thugs, they must also contend with a cellular fraud investigator and several undercover FBI agents, all of whom want to shut down the guys’ illegal business.

If they like inner city, rap induced comedies, or are fans of Master P they just might. It’s doubtful, however, that this film will be much of a draw.

We give “I Got The Hook Up” a weak 1 out of OUR WORD TO PARENTS: Although most of the material in this film isn’t intended to be taken at face value, the following is present.

They had played the South, up and down the East Coast, and into the Midwest before breaking up. Cummings, who moved to New Jersey with the plan of forming a new band, brought back Sawyer to rejoin him. They then took on future primary vocalist, New Jersey native Dennis Locorriere , at first as a bass player. Francis, who had returned south after the Chocolate Papers broke up, returned to be the new band’s keyboardist.

When told by a club owner that they needed a name to put on a poster in the window of his establishment, Cummings made a sign: Hook and the Medicine Show:

Master P – I Got the Hook Up

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